Your top questions, answered.

I’m really interested in having some renovations done. How do we go about establishing an interior design budget?

After your consultation, I can help you create your budget, or I can work within a budget that you have already established. Many people are surprised at the wide range of pricing for things like furniture, appliances, and fixtures. It all depends whether you want high end style or something closer to the middle; wherever your personal taste lies. There are many other details that have to be factored into your budget plan so there are no surprises.

Do you help make homes more accessible for individuals with health concerns, and for those who want to live (age) in place?

Yes. It is always best to be proactive. After your initial consultation, I will identify options to help make your home more accessible. More and more, people are opting to stay in their home rather than go to an extended care facility. In fact, the research shows that people do much better in their own environment. With over 40 years in the healthcare industry, Rosalind Strickland has a unique perspective into the home design needs to help individuals remain safe and independent in their homes as long as possible. Whether you are returning home following rehab, on home care, or you want to begin looking ahead and updating your home accordingly, Rosalind Strickland Interior Design is available to assist you in this process.           

What exactly does Rosalind Strickland Interior Design do?

We work with individuals who are remodeling entire floors or rooms to make them more accessible, building new homes or updating their existing home. We handle everything from concept to completion. That includes working with you to plan your vision and then bringing together all the elements including the human resources to make it happen. 

I’m interested in transitioning to an assisted-living facility. Can you help with the move?

Yes, downsizing and moving can be an extremely overwhelming task. This is also usually the time when you realize all of the furniture cannot go with you. I’ll assist with reviewing all of the furniture, sizing up the place where you are going, consulting with you to determine what needs to go with you, planning the layout so that your new place feels just like home and bringing all the resources to make the move happen.     

There are many interior designers. What sets Rosalind Strickland Interior Design apart?

The most successful visual living experiences consistently connect the environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual and the material. With over 40 years in the healthcare industry, lead interior designer Rosalind Strickland has unique insight into the relationship of people to their environments and the power of design to help shape and enhance the human experience. This philosophy shapes all our interior design and serves to give people more from the place they call home.