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Meet Rosalind

Bringing the best of her career to interior design, Rosalind Strickland knows that embarking on a new project, large or small, can be overwhelming. With many contractors to manage and selections to make, the support of a capable professional is crucial. Cleveland-based Rosalind Strickland bridges all the pieces and parts of holistic residential, commercial, and institutional interior design projects.

With Rosalind as your designer, you acquire her experience managing complex projects. Her past successes called upon her ability to envision innovative strategies, plan and meet budgets, and collaborate with architects, vendors, and contractors. She sidesteps costly mistakes by tending to the details, integrating the client’s needs and aesthetics with the nuts and bolts of the project.

Rosalind’s passion for the arts and her concern for a sustainable future have prompted her to refocus her career toward helping clients make their home their haven and their workspaces their source of productivity.

If you are about to undertake the design of a new home, in-law suite, a major renovation/update or expansion, give Rosalind a call.

AGE SAFE AMERICA Senior Home Safety Specialist badge.

Senior Home Safety Specialist

In addition to her depth of knowledge and experience, Rosalind is also a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist through AGE SAFE AMERICA. 

The Mission

In today’s world, everyone is moving at a pace that often does not allow time to breathe. You need a living environment that can uplift you and give you energy when you need it—yet is calm and restful when you want it.  Individuals who work hard and play hard need a safe, nurturing place they can come home to at the end of the day to relax and enjoy.

The most successful living experiences connect the emotional, physical, spiritual and the material. Helping you create this intelligently designed space is what we do.

Our Mission is to make your home your safe haven!

Experience and Expertise

With knowledge and experience gained as an executive in the healthcare industry, Rosalind is poised to orchestrate all aspects of your design project. Rosalind’s client-centered approach values the latest trends while balancing the client’s vision, needs and optimal function.

With a healthcare background, Rosalind has a unique insight into the relationship of people to their environment. She also has the power of design to help create and enhance the human experience in a supportive, timeless concept.