Artwork & Accessories

Define the details with décor

Unique Home Accessories

Reimagined Lady in Japanese Footbridge Painting 

This project was a creative way to upcycle the lady. The lady had been etched in a glass mirror which broke, damaging the mirror, but not the lady. She was removed from the glass and envisioned in front of an Asian-influenced bridge. The Monet oil painting, titled Japanese Footbridge, provided the perfect backdrop for this unique home accessory.

Guest Bath Artwork

Every room in the home should speak to you, including the bathrooms. This artwork is a shower backsplash depicting Victoria Falls, Australia. One immediately feels a calm, relaxing, environment when you step into this space.

Master Bath Artwork

In this project, the client desired to have a 36x36" Asian garden as the shower backsplash. This beautiful photo was found, all made of string art. A high resolution photo was taken and lasered onto 6x6" tiles to create this unique masterpiece. Starting the day in a far-a-way place is very energizing!


A towel does not just have to be a towel. This towel was purchased while on vacation six years earlier and now serves as a colorful 65x35" wall mural in the half bath. What a beautiful way to capture memories, not to mention what a conversation piece!