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Our goal is to provide what you need...whether it is to completely remodel/build your space, build a new home, to keep your existing fixtures and make them work with your new design or to stage your home to sell. 

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Customized Design Projects 
Unique, one ­of­ a­ kind custom pieces can serve as dramatic enhancements to any room’s décor. Whether redesigning a specific space, creating an unusual tile mural for a shower back splash, or other inspirational ideas, the possibilities are endless based on your vision. 

New Homes & Renovations 
The details are important. Whether building new or embarking on a refresh/update of your present home, pulling together the right combination of details to create a balanced flow can be challenging. We can help keep your dreams in view. 

Home Staging 
The power of first impressions cannot be underestimated. The initial images are the most critical for the sale, lease or rental of any property. We strive to create a positive experience and lasting impression to maximize your investment. 

Sustainable Interior Design 
The “green” movement has opened the doors to new and exciting innovations in interior design. Integrating existing fixtures and energy­-efficient materials as a cornerstone for a redesign makes for an elegant, unlikely mix of classic furnishings and takes “chic” to a whole new level no matter the period – vintage, midcentury, transitional or contemporary. 

Artwork and Accessories 
Home accessories and artwork are décor essentials that add a distinctive charm and character to any room or home. We can help you blend design, function, and materials to express your style of living. 

Rosalind Strickland 


Bringing the best of her career to interior design, Rosalind Strickland knows that embarking on a new project, large or small, can be overwhelming.  With many contractors to manage and selections to make, the support of a capable professional is crucial.  Cleveland-based Rosalind Strickland bridges all the pieces and parts of residential, commercial and institutional interior design projects.

With knowledge and experience gained as an executive in the healthcare industry, Rosalind is poised to orchestrate all aspects of your design project.  Rosalind’s client-centered approach values the latest trends while balancing the client’s vision, needs and optimal function.  

With Rosalind as your designer you acquire her experience managing complex projects.  Her past successes called upon her ability to envision innovative strategies, plan and meet budgets, and collaborate with architects, vendors and contractors.  She sidesteps costly mistakes by attending to the details, integrating the client’s needs and aesthetics with the nuts and bolts of the project. 

Rosalind’s passion for the arts and her concern for a sustainable future have spurred her to refocus her career toward helping clients make their home their haven and their workspaces their source of productivity.  

Rosalind works by appointment.  She can be reached at 216.581.7233 or email roz@RStrickland.design.